About us


To keep water and soil clean in communities across Canada by recycling waste cooking oil into soap.

Core Values:

Change the way cooking oil is disposed

Create zero waste products

Transparency on used ingredients

Preserve nature by rethinking, reusing, reducing and recycling


C Soap started with two women who moved to Vancouver Island in 2015.

One of them developed a bad allergic reaction due to chemicals found in most cleaning and cosmetic products. At the same time, her mother was diagnosed with early stages of breast cancer.

The other one grew up in Brazil with her grandmother, knowing that used cooking oil was turned into soap for any cleaning purposes for many decades.

At C Soap the oil gets filtered and processed locally without the use of harsh chemicals and preservatives.

Everything is prepared by hand to produce the least amount of waste as possible.

Use C Soap everywhere in your house and help keep used cooking oil away from harming our environment.

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What goes down the drain is everyone’s responsibility!