Meeting Deux Évadés

Deux Évadés

Meeting Deux Évadés to talk about C Soap, Loofah and travels

In the beginning of the summer, we were contacted by a lovely French couple who lived in Montreal and was backpacking through the USA and Canada. They wanted to keep their carbon footprint as minimal as possible and find more zero waste solutions by meeting people like us.

Laura Clerc and Pierre Rolland have a blog telling eco-friendly travel tips and stories about their trip, the Deux-Evadés.

They asked us very interesting questions about how do we collect used cooking oil, how do we clean, produce and cure our bars of soap, details about our natural sponge and gave us inspiring support to carry on with our work.

“We don’t want to create more garbage, we want to be the solution for people who are trying to be more zero waste”

We talked about reducing garbage and being a solution for those who are on a daily battle trying to make better choices for a cleaner future.

Package Free Household Soap

Another topic of our talk was how C Soap bars have no packaging, is plastic free and goes hand and hand with the biodegradable loofah sponge.

“It is important to start thinking about what is going down the drain, rather than cleaning it after. If we stop pouring stuff down the drain that shouldn’t be there, we don’t need to recover it in the end. said Cynthia during the interview.

Want to know what else we talked about? Find the complete interview at their website, in French and English.

We are very thankful for meeting, Laura and Pierre!

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