Plastic Ocean

Plastic Ocean Pollution

Do you know how much plastic is in the ocean?

Searching for an answer, The C Soap Team, found the incredible “A Plastic Ocean” documentary and shared on this post.


Plastic in the Ocean
Image: Christophe Launay

“In the past 10 years, we have made more plastic then in the entire last century.

How can we dispose so much of a material that is indestructible. Where is it going?

Plastic items are part of everyone’s routine in our modern days. The idea of disposable items, less cleaning, less work and cheaper started to be intensively enforced since the 50’s. It was sold as part of the American Dream and now we can find any object made out of plastic.

At he beginning it seems like a great idea, imagine having parties with dozens of people and not need to clean a single dish, because you can dispose of it all?

Easy, right?! Out of site, out of mind!

More than 50 years later, what we find now is that most plastic disposed through all those years, are still out there. For example, all the tooth brushes produced until this day, still exist. People thing that recycling is like doing a good deed. It helps, for sure, but it doesn’t end the problem and a lot of the time, you might think you are helping by recycling, but when the item reaches the recycling plants, it can’t be recycled and end up at a landfill anyways. It just takes a longer trip out there.

Plastic Ocean = Contaminated Seafood

Our plastic consumption is ending in one of our most important element. The water, the ocean. Killing beautiful creatures like wales, dolphins, fishes, sea lions, turtles and thousands of Dead bird filled with plasticbird species.

The ocean is the largest source of protein existent. There, small particles of plastic attract the chemicals floating around and when ate by fishes and other marine lives, those chemicals spread to their muscles, contaminating the seafood we consume.

There are no boundaries to the ocean. They might have different names, temperatures, geographic position, but all oceans are only one gigantic water body that we all need to be mindful of. All human beings rely on the ocean for something. To eat, fish, live, surf, dive, swim, travel and much more, so why can’t we all make an effort to help mother nature?

“Plastic bags are used for 12 minutes.

1 trillion bags are used worldwide, per year. Nearly 2 million per minute”

Simple Solutions for Plastic Problem:

  • Prefer products that don’t come in plastic. Packaging made of cardboard and paper are more environmentally friendly.
  • Use newspaper instead of plastic bags to collect your dog’s poop. (Even the green ones, are not biodegradable)
  • Refuse plastic straws and plastic food containers you don’t need them.
  • Take reusable bags for your groceries and for bulk foods.
  • Use bamboo tooth brushes instead of plastic ones (you can easily by them online)
  • C Soap is a plastic free product made of recycling cooking oil, helps protect nature twice as much!
  • Travel mugs are oceans and people best friend. You can keep your coffee hot and your water cold without using plastic, what else can you ask for?

Check the Plastic Oceans page for more info and watch the documentary on Netflix.

A Plastic Ocean Documentary

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