Meeting Zero Waste Canada

Zero waste, C Soap, Bolt Across Canada

Meeting pioneers from the Zero Waste Canada

Meeting Zero waste Canada, C Soap, Bolt Across Canada
C Soap and Zero Waste Canada team together

During their time in Victoria, BC family members and to test their new 100% electric car Chevy Bolt. Buddy Boyd and Barbara Hetherington took the time to meet us.

Buddy and Barb are two of the pioneers of the Zero Waste Canada, their knowledge, and experience with rethinking, reusing and recycling really inspired us.

They have worked on ZWC for over ten years, as well as, working on their award winning recycling plant in Gibsons, BC.  Which includes Going Green Business from the Town of Gibsons and the Best Green Business in British Columbia for 2013).

Zero waste, C Soap, Bolt Across Canada
Chevy Bolt 100% Electric

Chevy Bolt Across Canada

Now, imagine driving an electric vehicle across Canada from coast to coast. We did part of that trip when moving to the West Coast driving from Toronto, with all our belongings in the back of our van.

That is an awesome way to see this beautiful and diverse country. However, what they are doing is even better. They want to show that it’s possible to have a fun road trip adventure with a lower impact, plus they have Piper, their Lab/Shepard dog as a co-pilot.

Piper, the co-pilot

“We want to show as average Canadians that it is possible to use electric vehicles to make traveling across Canada greener. We want to promote our emerging “green” highways and roads that are making easier for more and more Canadians to drive low emissions vehicles.” says Barb on their website.

That statement is very aligned with C Soap´s mission. To help people rethink their way of consuming daily products, making better choices that are truthfully green by consuming zero waste products, produced using renewable sources.

We spoke about how effective it is to recycle cooking oil into soap, one of the best ways to protect nature.

Here´s what they said about C Soap and the dishwasher tablets to be launched soon: “The soap comes without packaging and is a multipurpose soap that can be used for cleaning dishes, laundry, body and hair. When I got home I used C Soap to bathe with and I found it a creamy soap that left my skin feeling soft. Buddy also used C Soap to bathe with and wash his hair; it was easy to rinse out and his hair was clean and not dried out or sticky. You do not have to fear you will smell like a French fry or fried chicken as the soap does not have any food residual smell. Cynthia and Carol add a slight natural fragrance on some of the soaps, the one we are using has a subtle lemon scent.” says Barb.

During their trip, Buddy and Barb will be looking for multi-functional products that will help them reduce waste during their trip. C Soap will be part of this trip and we can´t wait to see where this adventure will take all of us.

The trip will be documented on their website Bolt Across Canada. Check it out!

At the end of our meeting, Buddy presented us with their Zero Waste Canada pin, we are the first people to receive it on Vancouver Island and very proud and honored to wear it.

Meeting Zero waste, C Soap, Bolt Across Canada

C Soap is the first company to receive this pin on Vancouver Island!


  1. cathy

    What makes the ‘natural lemon scent’ in the soap?
    They are doing a wonderful job!??

    1. C Soap


      Is lemon essencial oil.

      Thanks for messaging =)


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