How to dispose waste cooking oil?

How to dispose used cooking oil?

By pouring it down the drain?

By pouring it in the compost? Or maybe by pouring it in the garbage?

Many of us don’t have any other alternative when it comes to getting rid of cooking oil, the clean way. We all want to do the right thing but sometimes we don´t have the means to do it.

By pouring cooking oil down the drain, pipes/septic systems may become clogged and cost thousands of dollars to fix.

Did you know that water can become contaminated and prevent sunlight from penetrating the surface of the water, making it harder for marine species to survive? If disposed into compost, soil can become impermeable, making it harder for water to get deep into the soil where roots reach underground water reserves.

Most people don’t know how to dispose cooking oil in the best way. Most cities in Canada do not offer a pickup program for that kind of waste.

At C Soap, we collect your used cooking oil and transform it into non toxic soap for your laundry, dishes and household items.

Let’s take care and preserve the cities and country we live in, Canada

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